September 11, 2015

Virtual Campus to Host Open House

Virtual Campus to Host Open House

All Futura Systems software users are encouraged to attend one of our upcoming “open house” Virtual Campus training sessions.

If you haven’t experienced Virtual Campus yet, this is a perfect opportunity for you to experience the value of in-depth education provided by Futura experts, right from the comfort of your own desk. Virtual Campus is a progressive training model that delivers quality information, using real-world scenarios you can relate to, through cost-effective online webinars. As a subscription service, Virtual Campus allows you to include as many of your employees and users as you’d like, with no limit on the number of people at your utility who receive and participate in the training.

The monthly webinar will empower your employees to troubleshoot issues when they occur, help them avoid problems, and show them how to use your Futura software to its best advantage. If you have employees that are unable to attend the monthly webinar, they can access the archived recording whenever it’s convenient for them – right from their desk, without putting a strain on your travel budget.

Futura’s Virtual Campus will offer four unique training tracks in 2016:

  • Mapping/GIS
  • Staking
  • Database Administration
  • OMS (new for 2016)

If you would like to experience a session firsthand, contact your Sales Representative and request your invitation to one of our upcoming webinars:

  • The GIS/Mapping webinar on Tuesday, September 22nd
  • The Staking Webinar on Thursday, September 24th
  • The DBA Webinar on Tuesday, September 29th

We look forward to introducing you to all that Virtual Campus has to offer!