October 13, 2015

Upson EMC Takes an Enterprising Step

Upson EMC Takes an Enterprising Step by Adding FuturaOMS

Outages are an important matter when it comes to utilities. Continuous and reliable power has become a must in our society and is a benchmark by which utilities are measured. With this in mind, Upson EMC recently added FuturaOMS to its software cache in order to bring all departments in unison when an outage occurs.

“We were looking for an all inclusive solution for the cooperative as a whole. Since we were already Futura customers and our billing and accounting software is provided by SEDC, the move to an enterprise solution was an easy one,” said Alan Wainwright, Line Superintendent at Upson EMC, based in Thomaston, Georgia. “Now all systems work congruently as one and information sharing is no longer cumbersome. We all have the information we need to perform better in the heat of an outage.”

Upson Electric Membership Corporation has been using FuturaGIS for several years, taking advantage of its Esri ArcGIS platform to refine and sustain data integrity, thereby reducing errors and increasing work efficiencies. The robust system isn’t just for mapping. Each departmental system is updated as the utility’s map is edited, thereby eliminating redundant posting. Upson also uses FuturaStake to enhance engineering functions in the field and eliminate errors resulting from double entry.

The new FuturaOMS technology allows outage calls to automatically link to Upson’s GIS model. When outage calls come in, FuturaOMS associates the call with specifics from the customers account, such as location, analyzing it for current or new outage information. By channeling input from multiple data sources, FuturaOMS collects all the necessary data to manage the outage most effectively. Automated switching and network tracing aid in transferring affected customers to active lines and pinpointing outages, while automated predictions can help head off new outages. The various utility systems are updated instantly. Dispatchers and service crews have the information as fast as the calls come in, reducing response time.

Customer Service can stay up to date with the latest developments to keep customers informed, and management has the data it needs to make sound decisions concerning outage administration. By choosing the combination of Futura and SEDC, and therefore an enterprise solution, Upson EMC is living up to its mission to “be positively recognized in the west central Georgia area for its high quality of energy and related services.”

About Upson Electric Membership Corporation

Established in 1937 to serve six west central Georgia counties including Upson, Pike, Talbot, Meriwether, Crawford and Taylor, Upson EMC now serves approximately 9,000 meters. Upson EMC is located in Thomaston, where it takes pride in being a community advocate, member of the Chamber of Commerce, partner with local schools and sponsor of local events and civic organizations. Learn more at: www.upsonemc.com.