Attend In Person or On Demand

We had great success with our virtual conferences for the last two years, so we are continuing to offer an on demand subscription option for those who cannot attend in person. We will record the Main Track with a variety of topics and presentations. One subscription enables your whole utility to view the on demand content from Monday, July 25, through Friday, September 30.

We are offering subscription discounts for utilities that register in-person attendees and register for the on demand subscription. With 1-2 in-person attendees, we will apply a $500.00 discount. With 3-4 in-person attendees, we will apply a $1,000.00 discount. And for those utilities with 5 or more in-person attendees, we will provide the on demand subscription at no charge.

Discounts will be applied to your invoice following the conference. Your utility must register separately for the on demand subscription option below in order for any discounts to be applied on the invoice.


For questions or assistance, please contact Sally Buck at sallyb@futuragis.com.