January 27, 2016

Toth and Associates Partners with Futura Systems

Toth and Associates Partners with Futura Systems

Toth and Associates, Inc. recently partnered with Futura Systems, Inc. to offer their customers a premium level of GIS services. As a multi-disciplined engineering firm, more than half of Toth’s employees and resources are devoted to electrical services for utilities. By partnering with Futura Systems, Inc., Toth will be able to use Futura’s software to maintain data on customer systems in the most efficient way possible. In addition to their shared goal of efficiency through GIS, the two companies also have similar views on customer relationships. Both companies see themselves as extensions of the utility and align themselves with the various goals of the utility while delivering the expertise and knowledge to take the utility’s GIS services to the highest level.

Toth and Associates currently assist nearly 100 utilities in six states with services ranging from off-site data collection to field staking and even the production of paper maps, most of which is done using core-Esri software from FuturaGIS. Toth and Associates keep GIS data accurate and up to date, saving smaller utilities from the burden of trying to handle GIS services in-house on a limited budget. Contracting with Toth is a cost-effective alternative for resource-limited utilities, offering experienced GIS personnel the utility could not afford on its own.

About Toth and Associates, Inc.

Toth and Associates, Inc., located in Springfield, Missouri, is a multi-disciplinary firm featuring electrical, structural, and civil engineers, land surveyors, grant writers, GIS professionals, and other professional staff. Since 2003, Toth and Associates has been engaging clients with responsive, creative, and attentive service to provide customized solutions that satisfy their need, where mutual respect is a priority and commitment is key. With clients throughout Missouri, Illinios, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Oregon, Toth and Associates has the experience and expertise to provide utilities with outstanding electrical engineering services. Learn more at: www.tothassociates.com.