Enabling dispatchers to better manage the work of field reps and crews.

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“I fully and 100% believe in the Futura product. I love it. It works really well. We don’t have any issues with it and if we do, support is there to fix it right away. It is just really good solid software. I am so glad they picked it before I got there for me to implement. It was awesome!”

Curt Barkey | GIS, Kosciusko REMC

Real-time, two-way integration

Flex is integrated with Meridian and UPN customer information systems (CIS). Service orders originating in CIS pass automatically to the Flex system. The system can then manually or automatically dispatch the work to the appropriate field representatives for processing on their iPad using FieldPro.

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Key Features

Less to worry about.
More to work with.

Ability to create and manage work items that are not tied to a member account.

Custom forms for adding, editing, and viewing work item information.

Graphical workflow design tool that enables you to create robust, detailed workflows without additional programming.

24/7 GIS map access available to the dispatcher and field representatives.

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