June 24, 2014

Pea River Electric Cooperative Expands Field Operations Technology

Pea River Electric Cooperative Expands Field Operations Technology

Pea River Electric Cooperative in Enterprise, Alabama, adds FuturaStake and FuturaOMS to its field operations toolbox powered by Futura.

After years of experience with Futura’s mapping solutions, Pea River is confident the new technology will help bring its members top notch customer support like never before. FuturaStake allows line designers the ability to draw, estimate costs and post directly from the field to customer accounts. Work flows more efficiently and errors diminish with the reduction of double entry from service orders and staking sheets. A major plus is the up-front system verification and consistent visual presentation presented with the GIS database in a near real time environment.

“Project Tracker along with Stake should really streamline our process from the minute a customer requests service to getting the job built by operations. The ability to tell what phase a job is in will be a great benefit. Also, the fact that construction units will not have to be entered from the hand written staking sheet will reduce errors in getting the right material charged out and pulled for the job,” says Eugene Jackson, Director of Engineering at Pea River Electric Cooperative. “Inventory accuracy will improve as a result of this.”

FuturaOMS gives Pea River the ability to streamline the customer experience during outages by improving response times and reducing outage duration. Input from multiple sources, network tracing, and automated outage predictions, allow dispatchers to quickly direct crews and pinpoint problem areas. Current outage information is now available to all departments of the cooperative due to total integration with SEDC’s UPN. Communication is a key factor for customer satisfaction in an outage. With the aid of FuturaOMS, customers can be advised of outage information almost as soon as it happens.

Pea River EC realizes that success is not measured in the number of kilowatts sold or the number of miles of line strung, but in their members’ satisfaction with the cooperative and the service it provides. Through a partnership with Futura, Pea River EC has the innovative technology to offer its customers service well beyond their expectation.

About Pea River Electric Cooperative

Pea River EC is located in Ozark, Alabama, and serves over 18,000 active accounts in Barbour, Dale and Henry counties in southeast Alabama. The cooperative was established in 1938 with the intent to provide the area with the reliable, quality electric service it needs to grow and prosper. Over 75 years later, the goal remains the same. Learn more at: www.peariver.com.