February 27, 2020

Mapping Matters

A February 4th, 2020 Fast Company editorial raises interesting questions about mapping and geospatial information systems. They highlight the big safety impacts associated with inaccurate maps based on the personal experience of the author, accomplished writer, editor, and content director Susan LaBarre, during recent wildfires in California.

Given the public safety improvements and customer service benefits associated with the better responses good GIS models foster for Outage Management Systems, the Fast Company article echoes statements made by Futura customers.

For example, consider the following statement about GIS by Mack Wainwright, of Central Alabama Electric Cooperative:

“When you have a good mapping system, it explodes out into the other realms and other aspects of the company. The better your GIS model is, the better your OMS model is. The more accurate your data is in the map, the more accurate it is in your customer information system. That just makes for things to flow much easier.”

How is your utility using better mapping to ensure better customer service? We would love to hear your views.