August 16, 2016

Introducing the New Indigo Platform

Futura Systems Introduces New Indigo Platform, Shapes the Future of Utility Operations Management

New tool offers powerful, personalized platform for planning, interacting and executing utility workflows

At Futura Systems’ annual user conference in July, the innovative software company continued to demonstrate why they’re an award-winning solutions provider with their introduction of the seamless software tool Indigo. Indigo is an all-encompassing operation management tool for the entire utility, integrating GIS and Asset Management, Staking and ProjectTracker, CatalystIQ, and FieldPro. Futura’s COO Adam Dinges explains, “It’s a place where you can interact with assets, projects, inspections, service orders, and CatalystIQ. A single source page where you can go to interact with all the tools you’ve used for years, but now see them in one profile-driven website.”

The single point login access tool offers a personalized, editable experience. “The experience is geared towards what you want to see,” said Futura’s Chief Information Officer Doug Malinowski. “The example of this would be an EVA work order clerk. When I log in, I create work orders and I’m working in that system. When I log in to Indigo, the pages that come up and the fields that I see, the custom searches I have are what I do based on my login.”

“Indigo gives the ability to increase workflow capabilities,” said Dinges. “Not just a blast of information, but information that’s important and relevant. Information that’s going to help you do your job.”

The utility-wide solutions tool will begin to bridge the gap between SEDC’s CIS and accounting suite and Futura’s field-to-office products. Indigo utilizes SEDC’s UPN Integration, allowing for the capacity to create a work order and then sending instant notifications through email or text message that a work order has been created or updated.

As a browser-based tool, Indigo will be compatible with any operating system and will be accessible on any internet-connected device, from laptops to tablets. Futura will release a preview version of Indigo to select users in September 2016.

Adam Dinges announcing Indigo to a packed ballroom at the Futura16 conference in July 2016.