February 2, 2016

Heberly & Associates Chooses GIS Software

Heberly & Associates Chooses GIS Software from Futura Systems, Inc.

Utilities in rural Montana have state of the art GIS services thanks to the expertise offered by Heberly & Associates Consulting Engineers. Heberly recently partnered with Futura Systems, Inc. in order to present their core group of utility customers with today’s top of the line GIS services. Because Futura Systems offers the flexibility to customize its product line, Heberly is able to give a broad spectrum of services, building as utility needs change and grow.

Heberly & Associates has been helping design transmission lines, distribution lines, and substations for both large and small utilities in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming for over sixty years, and recently their customers requested they expand into the GIS service realm. After considering several GIS providers, Heberly chose to use the Futura Systems suite and now offers field data inventory and data migration as well as other GIS services using the core-Esri FuturaGIS, FuturaStake, and Futura FieldInspection applications.

Futura Systems is widely known for its easy integrations with other operational software in the utility. Now, when Heberly’s field reps enter data into GIS for the utility, all of the utility’s other systems can be easily and quickly updated. With excellent integrations, the utility will realize enhanced efficiencies in customer service, accounting, and inventory, as well as all other operations of the utility. Through the Futura software, Heberly is capable of consistently maintaining and protecting the integrity of the GIS data and delivering clear, concise information to the end user in a format that is easily identifiable.

By entrusting their GIS duties to the experts at Heberly & Associates, utilities gain a partner with the experience and skills to operate a high tech GIS department while freeing the utilities’ own employees to directly serve the customer.

About Heberly & Associates

For more than 60 years, the Montana-based engineering firm of Heberly & Associates has been offering professional services to utilities in the power and communications fields. Established in 1953 to serve customers in rural Montana, the firm has shown continued growth in clients and services through the years. Today, Heberly & Associates designs state of the art telecommunications networks, transmission lines, distribution lines, and substations for their clients as well as providing a wide range of planning, installation, mapping, and inspection services. Learn more at: www.heberlyeng.com.