June 16, 2014

Futura’s New GPSStaker App

Futura’s New GPSStaker App Used with Archer 2 to Boost Efficiency

Futura Systems, Inc., and Juniper Systems have recently partnered to provide enterprise GIS solutions for utility industries. This August, Futura Systems will be launching GPSStaker, a new design and staking application, at their user conference.

Staking, or line design, is performed when new locations need to be added to or retired from an existing electric line, or even when system improvements need to be completed. Often, it involves mapping a new utility pole run, ensuring that the distance between each pole is up-to-code and geo-located, and then recording the GPS coordinates of where each pole should be placed. Futura’s GPSStaker application was optimized for Juniper Systems’ Archer 2™ rugged handheld hardware, and is powered by Esri® ArcMap. Using GPSStaker, stakers—or field engineers—can GPS-stake a job on the Archer 2 using ArcPad10, and the data is then automatically synced back into a main database.

“The people in the field want lighter hardware and more efficient staking processes,” said Doug Malinowski, CIO of Futura Systems. “With Futura GPSStaker and the Archer 2, we’ve designed a promising solution that combines the accuracy they need with the design quality they want.”

To read more about GPSStaker and the Archer 2, visit http://bit.ly/1iwOdpG.

About Juniper Systems

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