October 1, 2015

Futura Users to Share Their Knowledge at Esri

Futura Users to Share Their Knowledge at Esri Electric & Gas GIS Conference 2015

As GIS experts from across the country gather in Providence, Rhode Island, for the Esri Electric & Gas GIS Conferencenext week, we’re pleased to announce that several Futura customers have been selected to share their knowledge and experience during the conference user presentation sessions.

Shari Sistek, GIS Specialist from City of Westerville, will be sharing her views of the importance of core-Esri GIS in “Electric on a Small Scale” on Thursday, October 8, at 11:00 AM. Prior to joining Westerville, which serves a relatively small 12.5 square miles in the heart of Ohio, Sistek had honed her skills at a very large utility that boasted numerous resources in both number of employees and variety of software tools. After joining Westerville, Sistek assumed responsibility for record management, asset accounting, mapping, design, and even joint use. With very little effort, Sistek was able to transmit those responsibilities directly into her Futura-powered GIS software, simplifying every step of the process for each task.

Luke Wenschhof, GIS/IT Coordinator at Fairport Municipal Commission in New York, will be sharing his insights in the Thursday Managing Electric Utility Assets-track presentation “Getting a Handle on Underground Cable Injections with ArcGIS” at 11:40 AM. Fairport has been injecting their underground cabling since 2001. Using FuturaGIS and an ArcGIS form developed by the utility, Wenschhof is able to track, visualize, and query their cables in the field as well as the office.

Dr. Comfort Manyame, Senior Manager of Data & Business Intelligence for Mid-South Synergy in Texas, will be discussing “Hazard Tree Control Using Freely Available GIS Data” during the Vegetation Management track on Thursday at 11:40 AM. An expert in the field of data analytics, especially GIS data, Dr. Manyame used his experience and his Futura tools to improve his utility’s approach to hazardous trees. By working from a dead tree risk map Manyame created, the utility was able to proactively cut down hazard trees, effectively reducing the number of dead tree-related customer calls to a record low and the number of dead tree-related outages to their lowest levels in 5 years.

Each presentation centers around the ease with which each utility has been able to revolutionize their services and their processes using GIS – more specifically, using Futura’s core-Esri suite of GIS tools. Be sure to attend these sessions at EGUG and learn how Esri’s powerful GIS platform is made even more powerful and effective by the Futura Systems suite of core-Esri tools.