August 25, 2015

Altamaha EMC Enhances Customer Service

Altamaha EMC Enhances Customer Service with Futura Systems

Altamaha Electric Membership Corporation recently added FuturaStake, FuturaMobile and Futura FieldInspection to its rolling toolbox to enrich field operations and enhance customer service.

Altamaha EMC, located in Lyons, GA, is no stranger to the magic of Futura’s GIS software. Already a strong user of FuturaGIS, an Esri-based ArcGIS mapping application, Altamaha has been taking full advantage of the integrations with SEDC-powered Billing and Accounting software used by other departments in the cooperative. Those seamless integrations have allowed the cooperative to improve customer service by providing up-to-the-minute data from operations and engineering anytime a customer inquires.

“Futura has been a great partner in our staking program,” shares George McLendon, District Manager at Altamaha EMC. “We have found that Futura has not only simplified our staking department but has helped with productivity. Jobs are being processed faster, which is not only good for Altamaha EMC, but good for our customers.”

Endeavoring to upgrade their staking functions to meet the technology of their mapping system, Altamaha recently added FuturaStake to their solutions menu. Now Altamaha stakers can draw, edit and post directly from the field, eliminating double entry and redundant work from the office. Whether designing and assembling work orders from handheld GPS units or performing cost estimates in the field, FuturaStake gives Altamaha crews the power to manage projects easily from start to finish in the field.

FuturaMobile was also added to replace outdated paper maps for all field personnel. Field Service Reps now have the power to perform extensive traces, queries, searches and quick-finds directly from any Windows device without ever leaving the worksite. The design is customizable and extremely user friendly.

To further increase the efficiency in the field, Futura FieldInspection was implemented to simplify damage assessment, system inspections, vegetation management and joint use audits. Multiple inspections can be performed and synched directly with FuturaGIS, FuturaStake and FuturaMobile to improve the accuracy and speed of communications through utility-wide distribution.

One of the biggest advantages Futura offers Altamaha is the incredible integration with SEDC’s utility software for billing and accounting. Now all functions of the cooperative are communicated in real time across all departments. The benefits to the entire cooperative are immeasurable offering an enterprise solution that brings customer service to the highest level.

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