• The Futura Staking solution has been a great addition to the KPUD Engineering department’s tool kit. It is an extremely powerful software but easy to learn and operate. KPUD has hired two new Staking Engineers in the past 6 months and both are already proficient in writing work orders. I would say that has double or tripled our efficiency at writing work orders over our old software package. It integrates nicely with our Trimble GeoXT GPS units to allow the creation of very accurate data and maps. It has streamlined our work order posting processes, and our GIS Specialist is able to spend more time producing products and maps for our work force and less time posting work orders. I can’t say enough about the Support that we receive from Futura, they are always just a phone call away. They are fast to fix any issues, which are few and generally associated with our CIS software. Application enhancement requests are quickly fulfilled and usually free. This is truly a great company with a great group of employees that have produced and support a top notch suite of products. KPUD could not be more pleased for having gone with Futura.

    Mark Garner
    Customer Engineering Supervisor, Klickitat PUD
  • Asset Tracker would be my favorite. It puts so much information at so many people's fingertips. Asset Tracker is used by the warehouse personnel, by our crews, by our mapping people. It is fully integrated and it is a great way for us to keep track of what we have in the field and our maintenance records on all of our equipment.

    Cyndi Snell
    GIS, Owen Electric Cooperative
  • The support, the personnel and the software all are positive things for a co-op. I think Futura has figured out a lot of things, especially if you have had another GIS system through Esri. The Futura model and the tools that are available are that next step. I would highly suggest that to another co-op.

    William Docca
    GIS Administrator, Delaware Electric Cooperative
  • Over 90% of our company, everybody gets to look at the maps. Everyone looks at it. From our CEO to Marketing, they all get to utilize the information I put in through the FuturaGIS.

    Curtis Mincey
    GIS, Jefferson Energy
  • Now, our mapping, staking and outage management software comes from a single vendor. And it's so easy to use that anybody in our co-op can run it.

    Lynn Hays
    Mapping Supervisor & Engineering Tech, Taylor Electric Cooperative
  • It enables us to do so much more, much faster, at significantly lower overhead.

    Les Moreland
    CFO, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative
  • I fully and 100% believe in the Futura product. I love it. It works really well. We don't have any issues with it and if we do, support is there to fix it right away. It is just really good solid software. I am so glad they picked it before I got there for me to implement. It was awesome!

    Curt Barkey
    GIS, Kosciusko REMC
  • Years ago when we first jumped on board with Futura, I asked them for a change I would like to see in Project Tracker. I was actually giving a demonstration that afternoon of Project Tracker to our MSRs. Our company president walked into the meeting. I believe I called them at 11am wanting that change and my presentation with MSRs started at 1. From the time I asked for that to the time that I pulled it up, they had made that change. I was sure to tell the president at the time, "Look. See how quick they jump on these issues?" I don't even think I told them it was urgent. I just asked for it to be changed and it was done within two hours. It immensely helped me with the presentation because it was a pretty big deal.

    Brent Boyer
    GIS, Blue Grass Energy
  • When you have a good mapping system it explodes out into the other realms and other aspects of the company. The better your GIS model is, the better your OMS model is. The more accurate your data is in the map, the more accurate it is in your customer information system. That just makes for things to flow much easier.

    Mack Wainwright
    GIS, Central Alabama Electric Cooperative