Effectively merging field operations with technology can be a challenge. Users need the ability to perform operations under any conditions, while maintaining data integrity and security. Futura FieldPro, core Esri and built for iOS, enables mobile crew members to access data in a cached environment through an intuitive interface that boasts configurable skins, toolbars and ribbons, and delivers seamless integration to FuturaGIS, FuturaOMS and Futura FieldInspector.

FieldPro’s basic functions include search, view and identify, turn-by-turn GPS directions, and even network tracing, but functionality can be greatly extended through the Outage and Inspection Modules.

Enable the Outage Module to interface directly with FuturaOMS and view, dispatch and manage outages from an iOS tablet.

  • Better analyze outage data in order to accurately dispatch and assign crews.
  • Work, update, and close outages from the field with direct integration back to FuturaOMS.
  • Increase productivity and improve time management for CSRs, Dispatchers and Emergency staff.

Enable the Inspection Module to simplify data collection, inspection and verification in the field.

  • Synch damage assessment, system inspections, vegetation management and joint use audits directly with GIS.
  • Safeguard consistent data entry through field validation.
  • Quickly assess storm damage, import inspection photos, and track and manage right-of-way clearance.
  • Update backflow inspections in the field and update information directly to your CIS for accurate, timely billing capabilities.

Futura FieldPro Helped Tennessee’s Second Largest Water District Streamline the Backflow Testing Process and Reduce Financial Losses Through Better Communication Across All Departments