You’ve got work to do. You don’t need to spend time checking your database health. You just need your database to provide optimum performance so your mappers and stakers and dispatchers can do their jobs.

We’ve got you covered.

Our DataGuard service operates as an extension of your GIS Department’s duties, ensuring your¬†geodatabase is functioning at its peak, with accurate and “clean” data across the entire Futura suite, including Mapping, Staking and OMS, as well as your chosen Engineering Analysis system.¬†While you’re handling the tasks that need your attention, your DataGuard tech will be working behind the scenes for you, ensuring complete geodatabase integrity and maintaining the health of your database and your data through quality control processes designed to address multiple possible scenarios, including:

  • Managing large data clean-up projects and/or data loads from field inventory companies.
  • Identifying and correcting Primary and Secondary lines less than one foot in shape length.
  • Identifying and correcting all Mandatory field violations.
  • Running any required CIS batch routines.
  • Updating a non-Futura OMS database with GIS data.
  • Exporting and importing Engineering Analysis files between FuturaGIS and your EA system.