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GIS & Asset Management

GIS & Asset Management

Combining a powerful Esri ArcGIS-based mapping application with a comprehensive Asset Management System.

Staking & Project Tracker

Staking & ProjectTracker

Giving designers, planners and engineers powerful tools to build and manage projects from start to finish from a single point of data entry.

Outage Management

Outage Management

Improving response times and reducing outage durations, while also helping to prevent outages through automated predictions, network tracing and switching.

Futura Map Viewers


Delivering all key data sources in one intuitive, graphical display and empowering management with the critical information necessary to make good business decisions.

Field Technician
Field Inspection Tools

Field Inspection Tools

Allowing field personnel to complete Damage Assessments, System Inspections, Vegetation Management and Joint Use Audits without being tethered to a wireless network.



Powering true mobility from an iOS device and enabling real time GIS, OMS and Inspection updates directly from the field.



Ensuring complete geodatabase integrity and maintaining the health of your database and your data.

Mobile Devices

Industry-Leading GIS Software for Electric Utilities

Unhindered Integration

Futura’s suite of seamlessly integrated applications is built specifically to serve a complex electric connectivity model: dead-on accurate Mapping, Staking, and Outage Management, all exchanging vital data in a common geodatabase at a speed no other system can match.

User-Defined Configuration

FuturaMap gives your engineers easy-to-use tools to configure their own map views and customize their own symbology. Equally important, FuturaMap gives you a single point of data entry, fully integrated with a suite of programs that constantly feed installation and repair updates directly into your GIS and your CIS.

Real Time Communication

FuturaStake connects your crews to the tools and information they need to get jobs done on time, in real time, reducing the man-hours your utility will dedicate to those jobs both in and out of the office.

Reliable “Smart Ping” OMS

FuturaOMS is the industry’s only existing outage management system that can generate multiple pings upline, throughout your entire system, to help you diagnose the exact location of the protective device failure.

"It enables us to do so much more, much faster, at significantly lower overhead."

Les Moreland - CFO, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative

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