Futura Systems provides enterprise GIS solutions to hundreds of distribution utilities across the United States. Through our utility-centric approach, Futura provides real-time integration with all major utility CIS and Accounting software providers. As an Esri Gold Business Partner, Futura Systems excels at employing the ArcGIS foundation to develop mapping, field inspection, staking and outage management tools that deliver powerful, user-friendly functionality. Our suite of applications seamlessly extends the level of collaboration between GIS and CIS through Catalyst, an operations and management analytics tool that provides intuitive, single-screen access to critical operational intelligence, empowering you to make informed decisions that will improve your overall service to your consumers.

In and out of the office, Futura’s tools increase efficiency, reduce data discrepancies and power productivity – all of which translates to better customer service for your consumers and a stronger bottom line for your business.

The Family of Companies

Futura Systems, Inc., began 60 years ago as the mapping division of Patterson & Dewar Engineering, ultimately establishing itself as a national leader in innovative and accurate mapping technologies. Today, Futura is the Engineering arm of SEDC, an industry leader in utility CIS/Billing, Accounting and Operations software. Together, the companies offer utilities the very best mapping, staking, outage management, and work order management services available, through SEDC’s utilityPOWERnet application and separately through integration with several other utility software applications.

Integrations and Partnerships

Independently, Futura Systems offers seamless integration with numerous industry leaders. As an Esri Gold Business Partner and developer/reseller, Futura provides real-time, configurable web-services integration that utilizes mobile internet technology to extend your utility far beyond the doors of your office. Our robust maintenance program contains all the benefits and data-integrity standards you’d find in more expensive systems, but our products are designed to be cost-effective by integrating with both SEDC’s utility software and your utility’s pre-existing web interface, regardless of your operational software vendor.

Futura integrates and partners with many of the leading providers of CIS/Billing, Accounting, Operations and Engineering software for the utility industry. Our commitment to improving our customers’ efficiency drives us to support the most comprehensive integrations available for utility GIS applications.