Work Management

FuturaStake supports real time, two-way integration with the Work Management System in SEDC's UPN application.

With this integration, a single point of data entry enables instant communication between all involved departments, from Engineering and Operations to CSRs and Accounting.

Automated Staking Software Built on the Esri ArcMap Platform

FuturaStake is an automated staking extension that builds on and improves the Esri ArcMap foundation. With FuturaStake, designers, planners and engineers have powerful intuitive tools to create Staking Sheets, Job Estimates, Bills of Materials, and other required drawings and reports in the office or in the field. When combined with the ProjectTracker, Futura Systems' comprehensive work management sytem, projects can be easily managed from start to finish from a single source, eliminating double entry and the potential for data entry errors.

Highly Configurable

ProjectTracker (PT) is a browser-based work management system designed with complete customization in mind. Your utility has specific procedures and processes in place and ProjectTracker provides you the ability to tailor it to fit your utilities work flow. ProjectTracker is flexible and configurable, so you can design it to meet your specific needs.

FuturaStake and ProjectTracker are combined into one innovative software suite that lets you manage a construction work order from conception to completion.

  • Work orders can be created either in ProjectTracker, in the accounting system, or in FuturaStake.
  • Once the design is completed in FuturaStake, your projects are monitored by following a configurable work flow in ProjectTracker until the job is completed and posted "AsBuilt" to GIS using FuturaGIS.

Key Features of FuturaStake and ProjectTracker

  • Highly configurable through custom symbols, database fields, reports and sketch sheets.
  • Built-in GPS support to any NMEA-compliant GPS receiver.
  • Fast, reliable staking job validation.