Smart Ping

FuturaOMS pioneered a specially-designed "Smart Ping" technology which can help you isolate outage cases more precisely and more quickly.

With Smart Ping, crews can be dispatched directly to a known outage source, eliminating wasted time and effort and restoring service to your consumers as quickly as possible.

Reliable & High Performance Outage Management Software

FuturaOMS is a key component to your Smart Grid investment and FuturaOMS will help improve your response times and reduce outage durations. With automated predictions, network tracing, switching, and input from multiple data sources such as AMI, IVR, CIS and SCADA, FuturaOMS gives users the power to quickly identify potential outages and get crews dispatched faster and more accurately.

The Futura Outage Management System communicates with your utility's integral systems in real time, creating a comprehensive and definitive outage management system that keeps your entire utility informed. Using FuturaOMS, utility personnel can quickly determine the likely source of trouble and assign the appropriate crews, minimizing the hours lost to power outages through better management of both large and small service disruptions.

Key Features of FuturaOMS

  • Futura's intuitive graphical user interface displays outage calls, cases, trucks, notes, and switching in real time.
  • FuturaOMS supports live, two-way integration with the industry's leading IVR systems.
  • Futura's seamless integration services with leading software packages allow for detailed customer information searches, identifying callers who are in existing outage areas, and even publishing outage data to the utility's website.
  • Mobile Work Force Management integration allows FuturaOMS dispatchers to communicate outage service tickets directly to their vehicles.