GIS Tools
The FuturaGIS Switching Tool supports the automated opening and closing of Fuses, Reclosers, and Sectionalizers in addition to Disconnect Switches!

Utility Mapping and Asset Management Software Built on the Esri ArcGIS Platform

FuturaGIS combines a powerful ESRI ArcGIS-based mapping application with an intuitive and comprehensive Asset Management system that will meet the needs of utilities looking for an integrated GIS Mapping solution. FuturaGIS offers flexibility and scalability to expand and grow with your work processes and seamless integration to grow with your business infrastructure.

Open Architecture

FuturaGIS is developed on an open architecture framework that allows you to customize the Futura geodatabase with additional feature classes, tables and fields your utility may need.

Network Connectivity

Network analysis and tracing are powered by a geometric network of rules developed by our engineers to facilitate fast and accurate GIS map editing, analysis and reporting.


Serialized assets such as transformers, capacitors, reclosers and more can be easily managed directly from our internet browser based AssetTracker software, and the data is all stored in the Futura geodatabase. When you need quick access to asset details and information, you can generate the necessary reports right from your browser.


FuturaGIS fully integrates into your utility CIS, Accounting, Work Management, Staking, OMS, and Engineering Analysis applications, among others, making Futura a truly Enterprise Utility GIS solution. Visit our Integration page for more information.

Key Features of FuturaGIS and AssetTracker

  • Futura's mapping software includes specially-developed tools for inserting and editing electric-specific features on your maps. These dedicated tools simplify the editing processing while also enabling you to edit the map more accurately.
  • Both FuturaGIS and AssetTracker provide extensive map and asset Analysis and Reporting functionality designed to provide complete, concise data on demand.
  • FuturaGIS and AssetTracker employ powerful data validation routines and quality control mechanisms to help you maintain clean, correct data.
  • As an extension to Esri's ArcMap architecture, FuturaGIS capitalizes on the wide range of tools Esri provides to offer expanded functionality for editing and analyzing your GIS.