Go Paperless
Utilities of all sizes have taken advantage of the flexibility and responsiveness of FuturaMobile by replacing their paper truck maps with this easily configurable map viewer. Ask a Futura Sales Representative how your utility can increase efficiency and productivity by eliminating paper maps.

Mobile Map and Web Map Viewers

Futura Systems offers several excellent map viewing solutions designed to fit your functionality and budget requirements.

FuturaMobile Viewer

Futura's flagship map viewer product, FuturaMobile is designed using ArcGIS technology and is highly configurable to meet different map user needs. FuturaMobile is a comprehensive GIS viewer and can be configured to provide users only the tools they need. Mobile is a great choice as a paper "truck map" replacement, a Field Inspection solution, office GIS viewer and more. 

  • Comprehensive list of GIS tools and toolbars.
  • Can be licensed as a FuturaGIS Lite editor seat.
  • Fulfills the minimum platform requirements for Futura's Field Inspection software.


Futura's web browser based map viewer, FuturaWebMap, is an exceptional option for providing map access to everyone in your utility whether they are in the office, on the road, or anywhere in the world. FuturaWebMap exploits the awesome capabilities of Esri's ArcGIS Server technology, allowing users to easily author maps to both your utlities intranet and the internet.


FuturaReader is an entry level map viewing option with similar functionality to ArcReader, though it does augment the ArcReader functionality with additional features. FuturaReader can view maps published with ArcPublisher and does not require a Futura license fee for deployment.