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User Perspective

"Now, our mapping, staking and outage management's software comes from a single vendor. And it's so easy to use that anybody in our co-op can run it."

Taylor Electric Cooperative improved their ability to provide outstanding member service by implementing the Futura suite of utility GIS applications.

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GIS Mapping, Staking, and Outage Management Applications for Electric Utilities

Futura Systems provides enterprise utility GIS solutions to hundreds of electric membership cooperatives, electric municipal systems, and other utility providers across the United States. As an Esri Business Partner, Futura Systems excels at employing the ArcGIS foundation to develop mapping, staking, and outage management tools that deliver powerful, user-friendly functionality.

  • FuturaGIS, our industry-leading mapping application, sets the standard for utility GIS and mapping software by combining an intuitive user interface with a robust geodatabase utilizing the Esri ArcGIS technology.
  • FuturaStake is an automated staking extension built on the power of Esri's ArcMap foundation.
  • FuturaOMS communicates with your critical systems to enable efficient handling of potential and real outages.
  • Futura Map Viewers offer a number of map viewing platforms to meet any utility's requirements, from an ArcGIS-based mobile viewer to a browser-based viewer and even an entry-level reader.
  • Futura's Field Inspection application provides a powerful set of Field Inspection Tools for monitoring, inspecting, and updating assets and field items.

To round out our suite of GIS tools, Futura provides comprehensive information management applications that work seamlessly with our core applications and with third party CIS and accounting software packages.

  • Futura's Asset Management works with FuturaGIS to simplify the tracking and inventory of serialized assets, from transformers to switches and more.
  • Futura's Project Tracker synchronizes your accounting system with FuturaStake, providing a powerful work management system designed to keep your teams informed and your projects on schedule.


User Perspective

"It enables us to do so much more, much faster, at significantly lower overhead."

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative increased employee productivity by putting Futura's suite of GIS tools to work in the office and in the field.

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Powerful GIS & Staking for Electric Distribution Utilities, EMCs, and Municipalities

Futura's suite of intelligent Mapping and Staking tools are designed to provide maximum productivity, affordability and scaleabillity for utilities of all sizes. Whether you serve one thousand meters or hundreds of thousands, FuturaStake and FuturaGIS will deliver responsive functionality and a feature set that cannot be matched in the industry.

Answering the Industry's Call for a Reliable & Responsive Outage Management System 

FuturaOMS puts powerful tools to work detecting, managing and resolving outages with the least possible disruption to your system. Utilizing Futura's unique AMI "Smart Ping" technology, FuturaOMS can identify potential outages before they negatively impact your customers.

Esri-Based Enterprise GIS Solutions

Futura's suite of Mapping, Staking, and Outage Management applications are built on the Esri ArcGIS platform and deliver exceptional tools with industry-leading performance, ease of use, and stability.